KHS Faculty/Directory

KHS employs individuals holding an LEA-Specific educator license, license areas, and/or endorsement.

Standard professional license issued to educators that have completed a Utah education program, traditional or alternative, or transferred an educator license from another state or country and met Utah’s licensure requirements. Valid for 5 years, renewable.
Temporary license issued to an individual earning their professional educator license through a Utah university-based or alternate education preparation program as defined in Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. Valid for 3 years.

Temporary license approved by the governing board of a Local Education Agency (LEA) under Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. Valid for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Kanab High School has 82% of educators who hold a Professional License, 5% who hold an Associate License and 12% who hold an LEA Specific License.

Utah Educator Look-Up Tool

Last Name First Name Position Photo Email contact
Baca Delfinia Custodian
Baird Josh Faculty
Button Jeremy Faculty
Castagno Chad Counselor
Davis Susan Aide
Fox Mason Faculty
Franklin Laurie Custodian
Gaustad Gwen Resource Aide
Glazier Kade Faculty
Glover Gary Faculty
Glover Heather Faculty
Glover Klint Faculty
Grow Mark Faculty
Ingersoll Julie Faculty
Jones Deb Secretary
Josie Jeanine Faculty
Kuehnel Mark Faculty
Matheson Delaney Faculty
Matheson Mike Custodian
Orton Bucky Faculty
Orton Katie Ed-Net
Orton Kevin Faculty
Orton Tammy Secretary
Painter Tamra Faculty
Rivera Josue Resource Aide
Shepherd Kylie Faculty
Stewart Shellie Faculty
Stewart Trevor Principal
Terry Merilee Faculty
Walker Austin Faculty
Wheeler Blaine Faculty
Wheeler Mariah Faculty
Yates Jennifer Faculty